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Patent Oil

Patent Oil

Indication/usage :Useful in minor skin diseases,shadows on face, Itching,and White Spots of Skin.Dosage :Apply 2 to 3 times a day.as directed by the physician. ..


Indication/usage :- Pain and Stiffness of Joint- Muscular Sprain and strain- Low back pain- Sciatica- Shoulder Pain and Neck PainDosage :1) Take 5 to 10 ml Rumacare oil and massagegently on the affected part till it get completelyabsorbed.2) Application of Rumacare Oil with gentle massageafter taking bath in morning and before bedtime ismore advantageousOR as Directed by the Physician. ..


Indication/usage :- Prevents Hair Fall- dandruff- Premature Graying Of Hair, Splitends- Reduces Stress, tension- Its effects on hair growthDosage :Gentle massage on hair & scalpas directed by the physician. ..


Indication/usage :- Falling & Greying Hair- Alopecia- Dandruff- Maintains Hair growth & Blackening.Dosage :To be Applied on scalp once a dayor as directed by the physician.For External Use Only ..


Indication/usage :- Rheumatoid Arthritis- Sprains and Muscular Pain- Lumbago, Sciatica and Myositis- Reduces Swelling and Tenderness- Promotes Blood CirculationDosage :Gentle Massage on the affected part to facilitate penetrationor As directed by the PhysicianFor External Use Only ..

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